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GMI Business Park is a prime location for businesses that are seeking a conducive environment for growth and success. Located at the vibrant city of Mohali, GMI business park provides easy access to major hotspots such as International Airport, Aerocity and Amity University. So, GMI will help you establish a powerful presence in the Mohali growing commercial ecosystem.

Moreover, GMI business park is near IT city and top-notch universities, which means you will attract the best talent and business. GMI is also surrounded by a vibrant ecosystem which includes cafes, shopping centres and restaurants. This diverse range of amenities improves the quality of work-life balance of employees and also provides convenient options for client meetings, networking events and team-building activities.

Besides its strategic location, GMI business park offers commercial, residential and industrial plots, retail stores, and medical stores to meet the needs of diverse businesses. So, GMI provides a comprehensive solution to all businesses, regardless of their scale. Whether you are a large corporation or a manufacturer, this biggest project in Mohali will provide you with everything from flexibility to necessary amenities for growth.

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Overall, the GMI business park is a brilliant project poised to meet the needs of several businesses. Its diverse offerings, which include commercial, residential, and industrial plots and its strategic location, make it a top destination for businesses. In a nutshell, here are some perks of investing in GMI.

  • Situated in sector 102-A, Mohali, which is a mere 15 minutes from the international airport.
  • Expansive 45,000 square foot parking space.
  • First in the region to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Approved under the GMADA Master Plan.
  • A mix of industrial, commercial and residential plots.

With all the above benefits, GMI has a wide scope of appreciation, making it a lucrative investment. After reading this, if you are interested in investing in the GMI business park, seek consultation from best property consultants in mohali for expert guidance and personalized advice.

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